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About project

Lithuania is a unique. We are proud of the beauty of nature, rivers, lakes, forests, hills and plains. Over time, not only rivers and lakes are changing. Cities, villages, landscape, people are changing too. Time constantly rubs and changes everything, therefore comes a desire to capture and show current time images on this site. To show what our country looks like now. The purpose of this project is:

Capture current time events

Show cities, towns and villages

Introduce historical and cultural objects

Facilitate the choice of travel routs

Show unseen places of interest

Look differently at the places we lived or visited

Help the ones who have left Lithuania to see their native places

Show the beauty of Lithuanian nature

Present ongoing events and celebrations

This is a non-commercial project created solely with personal funds. If you missed the location in the gallery that you would like to see, write and, if possible, images of those locations will appear on this site. You can also contribute to the creation of the gallery by supporting its creation with any financial support. You can donate by clicking on the “DONATE”, or “Donate through paySera” buttons.

The names of all donated people will be added to the list in the DONATION section of the website.

Thank you in advance for your support