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Želva Ukmergė district municipality

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Želva. I always turn to Želva when I’m somewhere nearby, even when I need to get out of the way.

The place seems like nothing special, but it has its own charm. Old Želva is slowly sinking into the ground. Old wooden houses can't stand the weight of the roofs. What can be seen in Želva? There is a roundabout at the intersection of roads in the settlement. Near the store is convenient parking lot. As soon as you got out of the car, you felt moved to the old days. The old houses barely stand on its feet. Soviet-era masonry incentives stare at empty dead pits of windows. Close by are two shops surrounded by a leisurely life. The coffee machine at the one-store offers quite a decent coffee. You can also pay by card. Probably the most interesting object of the village is the church. She is small, comfortably perched on a hill. There is a large brick belfry next to the church, and a cozy cemetery is laid thickly along the church fence. The square in front of the church is decorated with garlands of outdoor stones. A spacious staircase leads to the church. A little further, another staircase that leads nowhere. At the end of them should stand a house, but it is not there - only a staircase and an inscription that once this staircase led to Želva primary school. Now, on the outskirts of the village, stands a large, neatly repaired spacious building of the Želva Gymnasium, clearly too large. In front of Gymnasium the old Jewish cemetery. Behind them is a memorial to the victims of the post-war genocide - huge white cross lying in a ravine. That’s all you can see in Želva. I wonder - what drives me to Želva every time? Probably an ancient, faded wooden houses reminiscent of a former town that was slowly disappearing here. It is time to visit Želva while his contours are still visible. Along the way to Želva you can visit no less interesting settlements - Žemaitkiemis, Balninkai, Lyduokiai and Alanta.


The Church of Želva

Town Square in front of the church

Old wooden houses

Memorial to genocide victims

Old Jewish cemetery

The belfry of the church